Total investment:

$ 111,000

Franchise fee:

$ 111,000

Royality fee:

2.5% (every three months)

Monthly marketing payment :

$ 0

Number of franchises


Time period


$ 12 000*

* Calculator calculations are provisional, not guaranteed


Foundatoin year: 2013

Year of franchising: 2019

Company units:

Franchise units:

Total number of units:

Number of employees per unit: 10

Contract period: 12 month



Gmoji is the secure, technology enabling, quick and easy sending and receiving of ANY PRODUCT as a gift via any messenger or social network.
P.S. You can even send a cup of coffee!

The product being gifted is given a set of parameters that allow it to be selected, purchased, stored, and received. These parameters include:

A unique link;
A name, icon, picture and description;
The price and location;
Instructions on receiving the gift;
A unique pin, bar-code or QR-code.
Any product can be turned into a gift using Gmoji!
Based on the Gmoji technology, two main products have been developed:

The Gmoji App (B2C);
The Gmoji Business platform (B2B).
There is also a Gmoji Partner App that helps the staff of our counter-parties to work with Gmoji. C2C
Users send gifts to their loved ones. Master Franchisee gets new users and commission from every purchase.

Vendors want their goods or services to be in Gmoji Catalogue to get more sales and new customers. Gmoji Master Franchisee can charge vendors for placing their products in the top of the catalog.

Big brands and corporations compete and that is the reason they pay for:

Targeted efficient promor campaigns with transparent statistics;
New ways for product distribution in messengers and social networks;
Digitalized motivation systems for their employees;
Build brand awareness among active young generation Gmoji Master Franchisee charges them fees to generate and distribute products in online space.

Our partners shall have access to sufficient funds to launch and develop the business
Our partners shall have the man management, and financial management skills necessary to run the business, but whilst some experience in the e-commerce can be an advantage it is not a necessity.
Prospective franchisees will be required to complete an application form.

moji is a secure technology enabling quick and easy sending and receiving of ANY PRODUCT as a gift via any messenger or social network. All big brands and corporations want their products to be there, where their customers spend most of the time and that is inside messengers and social networks. Exclusive rights in your country to use our software products based on Gmoji Technology can make a leader of a fast-changing and fast-growing e-commerce market.

Gmoji can be used for Work

hank a referral
Welcome a new hire
Motivate an employee
Reward a loyal customer
Impress a lead to close the deal

And for Personal Use as well:

Thank a friend
Motivate a child
Show love to a parent
Impress a new online contact
Surprise your significant other

Our Step-By-Step Gmoji Franchise Launch Plan:

You create a new company – e.g. Gmoji InYourCountry Ltd.
We sign a license agreement – master franchise: only one franchisee PER country, for a period of 10 years (with automatic renewal).
Initial Franchise Fee which starts at $111,000 (€100,000) for small countries – royalties from the total incoming flow of 2.5% every three months.
Technical launch with product localisation – up to three months.
We train your team – they will learn to do all that is necessary to generate profit.
The official launch!

Ilya Orlov

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