Total investment:

$ 70,000

Franchise fee:

$ 10,000

Royality fee:

Monthly marketing payment :

$ 0

Number of franchises


Time period


$ 12 000*

* Calculator calculations are provisional, not guaranteed


Foundatoin year: 2011

Year of franchising: 2018

Company units:

Franchise units: 23

Total number of units:

Number of employees per unit:

Contract period: 60 month



What is Rulomatik™?

Rulomatik™ vending machines. It provides 7/24 sale of micro fiber car drying towel, car mat, sports towel, beach towel, worship products and many other products that we specially produce by using coins, tokens or other payment systems. Protected by patent rights, Rulomatik™ vending machines are provided with the same quality at the affordable prices that consumers can reach since we eliminate the costs of cutting, folding, packaging, labeling, gelatinizing in the inner reservoir products.

Today, Rulomatik™, which is widely used in more than 23 countries around the world, is adapted to the currency and language of the country in which it is serviced. Rulomatik is becoming an indispensable habit of drivers by becoming popular in the countries where it starts to sell. Country / Region Distributorship Rulomatik™

Rulomatik™ with its vending machines around the world, it turns into a 24/7 car drying towel sales organization around the world.

We currently have distributors in more than 23 countries, and we have more than 200 regional dealers affiliated with these distributors and we are working to reach more than 74 countries soon!

Located in Bursa, which is the industrial center at the junction of Europe and Asia; With its head office, production facility and logistics center, Rulomatik™ manages the entrepreneurial organization with a very focused vision. As a result, we believe that working with the automats from Rulomatik™ is very fun and profitable. We are proud to have great loyalty between our global business partners. They all have the happiness of Rulomatik™ success.

In addition to proving to be successful with low operating costs, Rulomatik® continuously earns cash.

You should find out why Rulomatik™ is ideal for you. You should find out how Rulomatik™ collaborates with global business partners for growth and success.

As Rulomatik™, we turn into a global company with the right moves we make in line with the strategies we have developed, and we have achieved many successes in international platforms. Rulomatik™ has a mission to raise the bar always higher while thinking about the future. In its commercial activities, it follows the macro trends, social psychology and the spirit of time through proactive approaches and aims to be ahead of the age with the right projects and communication tone. In this period, which we strengthen our leadership day by day, we have inevitably focused on our brand investments and works. Our goal is to create a stable, systematic and automated profitable investment in the vending machine sector with Rulomatik™.

Compared to other known sales methods, Rulomatik™ Vending Machine provides a complete cash, continuous and predictable revenue source.

The companies that operate the automatic vending machines offer their customers the opportunity to supply a wide range of products in an economical, modern, and hygienic manner without requiring the wholesale purchase of the products. In addition to this, Rulomatik partners also take a role as distributors. In this way, they can both sell their own automatic sales automats with profitable prices and maximize their profits by evaluating the sales potential of their own automatic sales automats. The automatic vending machines that are produced following international quality norms (CE) are used for many years do not require maintenance thanks to their design and materials.

Rulomatik™ is recognized globally as a high-quality business organization and is one of the best licensing opportunities because its success depends largely on the superior qualities of its partners. Of course, another element which is reinforced the success of Rulomatik™ is training programs that give customers by our experts.
Rulomatik grants license to distribute the products produced and developed by itself and enables the global business partners to operate under the name and brand of Rulomatik. That’s why Rulomatik acts very meticulously about distributor selection.
Rulomatik grants license to distribute the products produced and developed by itself and enables the global business partners to operate under the name and brand of Rulomatik. That’s why Rollomatic acts very meticulously about distributor selection.
The candidate of the eligible partner must not have been convicted of any offense in his commercial and personal life.
Will be able to follow the effective operation of Rulomatik vending machines, It is required to have the ability to store the interior reservoir products and the ability to disseminate the Rulomatik service within the allocation area.
Human management and financial management are required to have extensive experience.
It is required to be able to represent the Rulomatik brand well in the country and to present the business plan as a summary to the Rulomatik official before the official application.
He/she must have the financial means to meet the investments required by the national distributorship or regional dealership for Rulomatik.
A copy of the documents of the company’s financial records/company showing the partnership of the company that is the distributor of the country or the regional distributor is requested to be photocopied
The partner candidate without a Taxpayer / Financial Enrollment shall establish a financial / tax record within 45 days after the signing of the mutual agreement. Rulomatik™ prioritizes the countries in the world according to demographic analysis in accordance with its growth strategies and may not process a non-priority distributor application. Rulomatik™ does not grant global privileges, the license granted is limited only to country or territory boundaries.

Our Distributors worldwide generally use 200 – 750 m² for Storage. The car drying towel product first needed by drivers, who wash their cars is sold automatically by Rulomatik Vending Machines 24/7. Check the terms and conditions to bring Rulomatik to your country.

Rulomatik™ continues to be recognized as the world’s best partnering manufacturer and continues to see country/region distributorship/franchising as a dominant way of doing business. We believe that a key component of our success with our country partners around the world is our first-class training before becoming an Owner / Operator. Rulomatik™ hands-on training and vending machine management provides the materials you need to succeed in your business. 9 quick and easy steps for Rulomatik™ Distributorship:

Request distributorship /franchise / regional dealership brochure.
Do observation and research on a local scale.
Make your official application by preparing the required documents.
Review the descriptive document.
Find the financing.
Sign the partnership agreement.
Join the training.
Deliver the products.
Celebrate the grand opening.
Total required time is approximately 2 months.

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