Total investment:

$ 98,000

Franchise fee:

$ 17,000

Royality fee:


Monthly marketing payment :

$ 0

Number of franchises


Time period


$ 12 000*

* Calculator calculations are provisional, not guaranteed


Foundatoin year: 2007

Year of franchising: 2012

Company units: 24

Franchise units: 41

Total number of units: 65

Number of employees per unit:

Contract period: 60 month

We are a European chain of beauty salons, focused on manicure and pedicure in the finest European traditions. We believe that beauty should be healthy, that’s why all our therapies are tailored to be natural and delicate with high standards for cleanliness.

TENTEN is a stable, profitable business with one goal: Care for the health of our customers through exceptional service

TENTEN signature service
Our signature service: The TENTEN – a manicure & pedicure treatment by two TENTEN stylists simultaneously.
We also do SPA-treatments: hands or feet baths with active ingredients, scrubs, creams, lotions, masks, hot wax.
Kids get a gentler treatment without cuticle work or gel-polish coat.

We inform our guests about all the details of their order, including estimated time and cost, before the procedure to avoid all kinds of misunderstanding and to set expectations.

We care not only for the nails of our customers but also for their time. All our procedures have predictable schedules so that our guests can precisely plan their time at TENTEN.

Multi-step care
We care for nails with strengthening base coats, cubicle oil, massages to boost circulation and a range of pampering spa treatments.

​​​​​All our creams and spa treatments are made from ecological and ethical ingredients.
We use paraben-free cosmetics without artificial colors and animal testing.
We work with the best Korean, European and American products.
The polishes and gel polishes we use, are famous for their palettes variety, color rich pigments and high durability.

To keep fingers and toes safe and healthy all our instruments go through three stages of cleaning, including dry heat sterilization. Each guest gets treated with individual nail care kit.

Our nail artists are highly skilled and trained with years of real-world nail care experience.

Comfortable space
We have special comfortable armchairs for 4-hands manicure and pedicure treatment. The seats are arranged not too close to each other to provide abundant personal space for every guest.

Design Concept
The Inspiration Wall – TENTEN color palette is presented in a special inspirational showcase. “Inspiration Posters” illustrate styles, moods and occasions to wear different shades of nail polish. The collections are changed every season.

Business experience in the service industry.
Financial solvency.
Team requirements: managing director, responsible for day-to-day operations, must be a local resident.


What TENTEN franchisee gets and how the business is built
First of all, by choosing TENTEN brand our franchisee gets a business model that has 12 years of experience behind it. All knowledge and successful cases were accumulated by trials and errors.
Our package consists of the following:

Assistance in assessment and selection of suitable locations for successful business.
Branding and interior design, assistance in work space organization with consideration of maximum comfort for nail techs.
Full equipment list that allows you to create comfort and convenience not only for nail techs, but also for guests (clients).
Set of work standards for safe and quality services.
Selection of products and equipment suppliers, complete with testing and providing quality assurance for high-level services.
Marketing support, developed CRM systems, tested PR-campaigns.
Staff education and assistance with recruitment, regular assessments.

Business process
Salon opening:

Franchisee gets recommended location characteristics.
They choose possible locations and show those to franchisor for assessment.
After the location is agreed upon, franchisee gets interior design project approved by franchisor and after that they can start renovation works.
At the same time the recruiting process starts with following education of approved personnel.
At the same time franchisee enters into contracts with services, products and equipment suppliers.
Franchisor’s team provides final assessment and approval before salon opening.
Main services: business is built around providing manicure and pedicure services together with some additional treatments. Main feature is a complex service of doing manicure and pedicure at the same time, by two specialists at once.
Main expenses: salaries, rent, materials costs, services and facilities (IT, finances and other).
Profit mostly depends on specialists’ number in the salon and their availability for taking in “walk-in” clients. Success base is to always have a free specialist on hand for possible appointment at any given time. That allows people to get used to appointment’s ease and guarantees future growth. Services quality and high safety standards also play a very important role.


Metric area – 80-150 meters
Armchairs – 4-10
Manicure tables – 6-12
Nail techs – 8-30 per shift. Average turnover per month: $90,100 Franchise fees: $17,000

Brand book
Salon design concept – layout and visualization
Software – CRM and Application for guests
Marketing supply – marketing calendar programming consulting, design layouts
HR supply – staff recruitment and certification consulting
Staff training – 8 nail stylists, 2 salon managers, 1 salon director

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