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$ 132,183

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$ 6,600

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$ 0

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Time period


$ 12 000*

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Year founded: 2018

Franchise since: 2020

Company owned units:

Franchise owned units:

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Number of employees per unit:

Contract period: 60 month

Glamping Franchise has no analogs in the Russian market. This is the idea of a new tourist format that combines outdoor recreation with the benefits of civilization. This is a vacation for a modern person who loves nature but is not ready to sacrifice urban comfort. No ascetic life – a soft bed, a warm shower, Wi-Fi. And, behind the door – nature: greenery, fresh air, birdsong, sunrise, and sunsets.

Glamping – a new promising trend in the tourism industry

In Russia, the market is at an initial stage, the niche is almost not occupied, but there is a demand for this direction.

There is a wide variety of beautiful places in wild nature, which are not yet available for mass tourism.

A limited selection of high-quality accommodation.

The complexity of the law for stationary infrastructure, and for glamping, on the contrary.

For glamping, not only an inaccessible place in nature is suitable, but also the nearest suburban territories, city parks.

Our goal is to create a network of OneGlamping glamping in different countries of the World. One of the main success factors is the right place to start glamping. Therefore, we will be happy to consider proposals for land for long-term lease, purchase or as an investment when opening glamping. The priority is for the countries of Europe and Asia. Glamping is a cross between a hotel room and a tent. We took the best from these types of accommodation and combined them in our project. PROJECT TARGET AUDIENCE

The target audience of OneGlamping is unlimited – these are families with children who love active tourism and want to relax in nature; couples who arrange romantic trips, or newlyweds who decide to hold a ceremony in nature; young people who are increasingly going out of town with tents, sitting around a fire; large companies of friends who decided to take a break from the bustle of the city, and corporate clients who organize outdoor events for their employees. ADVANTAGES OF ONEGLAMPING

Mobility – the possibility of opening glamping on any land and territory: rented areas, hotels’ territories, parks, nature reserves, water protection, and nature protection zones, islands.

Low entry threshold – no need to immediately invest significant finances in a huge area to avoid unnecessary risks.

Payback – on average, one glamping pays off in 2 years.

Scalability – You can start earning from several tents, and as your business develops, expand your glamping area, which will ensure a gradual increase in income.

The uniqueness of technology – glamping does not apply to capital construction, so it can be placed in the most beautiful and inaccessible locations.

Caring for nature – all glamping modules are installed without harming the wildlife.


Everyone can earn on glamping!

You open up our glamping Franchise. You need investments, land (in the property or its search), construction control and operational management of glamping (preparation of documents, negotiations with the authorities, the search for builders and personnel, monitoring of on-site work).

You become our partner, investor, co-owner of your glamping and part of a large OneGlamping team.

All glamping, its equipment, and machinery belong to you.

At the moment, the OneGlamping team is preparing everything necessary to prepare for the launch, construction, opening, and management of glamping. In addition, we can provide templates for documents and applications for grants and subsidies for state programs to support the development of domestic and inbound tourism.

If the country and place are suitable for OneGlamping analytics and standards, then we are ready to invest or help with attracting our investors to this glamping project. Team

Our team is specialists with many years of successful experience in the industry.`
We provide a high-level service of travel organization.
Glamping, like any hotel complex, requires proper work planning.

Some of the key questions:
Where do I place the guestrooms, where it is possible to put sanitary units and the kitchen according to standards, where is it better to arrange a recreation area, how do I organize improvement so that glamping can expand over the time without affecting the existing situation?

These and many other questions that can be answered by a professional Partner Support team.

We can teach you and set your business to success! Your mentors are 24/7 available. We bring you to profit. Appreciate your time, build a business with professionals!

Who will be interested in our franchise?

Country hotels (expansion of number of rooms).
Sanatoriums (expansion of number of rooms).
Fish farms.
Wakeboarding Station.
Sports camps.
Tourist camps.
Tourist routes.
Private sector.
Children’s camps.
Event activities.
Mountain climbing places.
Overnight stops along the slopes.


The management company takes the responsibility of the marketing support of the entire Franchise network, helping to create a flow of customers and build their loyalty from the first day of the project launch. ONEGLAMPING FRANCHISE OFFER
Dear partners, the glamping movement is a special culture and aesthetics, which is gaining more and more popularity every day. We offer you to make a wise investment and join our team of professionals. Open a profitable business in your area!

With us, you can start a glamping hotel even without experience or specialized education!

We teach you all aspects of running the business.

We provide support at all stages, a flow of customers and take on the organization of business processes.

We provide a support team so that you can just start working and confidently build up the company’s turnover.

We carefully approached Franchise development. At the start, you will receive the necessary package of materials and teaching aids for the organization, management, and development. You just have to start the project and make a profit. A financial model is developed for each franchisee, based on the objectives.

Average glamping load: 90% Average number of people in a tent: 3
The average price of a tent/day: $52
Number of tents: 10 pieces
Annual revenue: $114,307
Number of employees: from 2 people
Project launch time: 2 months

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