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$ 82,020

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$ 77,090

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$ 12 000*

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Year founded: 2013

Franchise since: 2019

Company owned units: 5

Franchise owned units: 2000

Total number of units: 2005

Number of employees per unit:

Contract period: 60 month



The KinderMBA project aims to develop business management skills, entrepreneurial skills, leadership potential, and out-of-the-box thinking in preschoolers and school kids. We help kids choose their future profession and get the necessary knowledge of economics and finance. KinderMBA business school is a guide to the world of the first projects, researches, creativity, and leadership.

Much attention is paid to Problem Solving Skills and the ability to find innovative solutions.


Four stages and 25 author modules; each of them includes a project.

KinderMBA is:

Four stages and 25 author modules; each of them includes a project.
Projects of 2 types:
Devised by kids themselves;
Real case studies from the biggest companies.
Educational-methodical complex.
Teacher training programs.
Learning Management System – LMS.
Supervisors of project activities, project presentations in Moscow State University.
The KinderMBA Foundation program is accredited by Moscow State University.
Collaboration with large companies, case studies from companies, participation in major events, presentations of children’s projects at the SAP forum, and at the Education City forum, implementing successful business projects of our students, early career counseling.
Built-in quality control system.
Teaching method patent and registered trademark.
International business trips and excursions to large companies.
Skills assessment. From a small startup to big innovations in education

The company was established in 2011. From 2011 to 2012, the main activity of the company was consulting services for startups.
Since 2013, KinderMBA program of business education for school kids has been developed.
In 2013-2014, the grant program of education for school kids of 9-11 classes was being implemented. The contest helped choose 60 school kids in 2013 and 150 school kids in 2014. The education was arranged in three modules: venture management, venture investment, mobile application development.
In 2013-2014, Russian and international (Austria, Germany) business camps for school kids were organized. Since 2013 KinderMBA has been organizing annual business camps for kids.
In 2014, KinderMBA students became winners and prize takers of All-Rusian and International contests.
In 2015-2016, the development of modules for school kids from 6 to 17 years old: KinderMBA Kids program (6-7 years), KinderMBA Start program (elementary school students), KinderMBA Pro program (students from 5 to 8 forms), and KinderMBA Foundation program (students of 9-11 classes).
In 2015, KinderMBA program was launched in Moscow`s public schools and private kids clubs.
In 2015, KinderMBA program students took part in a city conference on financial literacy, which takes place every year in school 1518 (Moscow).
In December 2015, the first conference was held in the economic faculty of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov. More than 50 school kids from 1 to 7th grade participated in the event.
In 2016 within the grant program on financial literacy and entrepreneurship, more than 300 students of 860 schools (Moscow) completed the course.
In 2015-2016, several master classes on financial literacy for parents were held.
In 2016, a joint training program with the economic faculty of Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov was held. The program was for 9-11 grade students. The network agreement was concluded with the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University. Classes under the KinderMBA Foundation program were held at the Faculty of Economics of Moscow State University.
In 2016, the first kids business forum “Galaxy of Success” was organized. More than 500 school kids took part in it.
In 2017, the students of KinderMBA business school won in the city conference on financial literacy and Olympiads of financial literacy.
In 2017, KinderMBA business school students took part in the contest, “Young Innovators” organized by the Moscow government. The projects of our students got into the final of the competition and were presented on the avenue of startups.
In 2017 in a partner school “Way to success,” a kid project “Food in the horn” was implemented.
In 2017 within the frames of licensed agreement LLC “FODO Obraz” (Russia) (brand League of Robots in Moscow-100 clubs of robotics), which was concluded for a year, the classes of KinderMBA program were conducted on 20 sites in Moscow and the Moscow region.
In 2017, more than 600 school kids (1-11 grades) took part in Moscow State University conference where they presented more than 200 projects. The projects were assessed by 100 experts.
In 2018, the students of KinderMBA business school took part in the forum “City of Education” as speakers.
In 2018, a partnership with private schools in Moscow.
In 2018, new products were developed: individual approaches, competency diagnostics, and the parent club.
2019 the franchise was launched

The desire to teach kids!
Availability of the necessary funds for paying the franchise fee and to launch the business
Willingness to comply with the standards and methodology of KinderMBA and keep to the quality level of KinderMBA schools.
The ability to use own contact network to develop KinderMBA schools.
Be useful for the society.
Diversify educational activities of their own business.
Increase their effectiveness, profitability, and authority on educational market.
KinderMBA should be located near convenient access to transport or in the area where a large number of children live. The area of ​​the room is from 50 m². The school should include 2 rooms, a waiting area for parents, a bathroom, a dressing room; a large hall for presenting projects to parents is a plus. Modern renovation and furnishing, good lighting, and ventilation cabinet, branding of the premises is mandatory. It is advisable to place signs on the facade. Classes are held on weekdays or weekends as part of extracurricular education.
Classes under the KinderMBA program can be located in an educational establishment (a kindergarten, a school or a club), which contains classrooms (at least 20 m²), a waiting area for parents, bathrooms, locker rooms; a large hall for presenting projects to parents is a plus. In addition, we help with the design and branding of the rooms. Classes are held for students of these establishments on weekdays as part of the school curriculum.

The main advantages of KinderMBA are unique own methodologies, teacher training programs, outstanding project activity techniques, a recognizable brand!

Since 2013, KinderMBA has been the leader in the development of entrepreneurial thinking, business management skills, leadership potential, and creative thinking. We develop the skills required to work in the 21st century.

A program for the development of leadership potential, creativity, emotional intelligence, and project activities has been developed specifically for preschoolers! The goal of the program is the development of communication skills and socialization. Based on the results of each module, our students do and present their own projects!

KinderMBA – educational-methodical complex consists of 25 unique copyright modules! KinderMBA uses all possible Omnichannel marketing technologies:

Federal website and social networking for our partners, we are experts in online promotion.
Brand book.
Own blog.
Well-established technique for working with schools.
Participation in federal and city events-exhibitions, forums, etc.
Articles in specialized magazines, we have advanced knowledge in the area.
Frequent publications in Mass Media, and consultations of our experts on radio and TV.
Constantly growing interest in business education and loyal audience.
KinderMBA is an innovative business model which gives the franchisee competitive advantages on the market of education for kids, which means constantly high revenue.

Average expenses $6,130:

Office rent
Teacher`s salary
Manager`s salary
Other expenses: acquiring, taxes

The program for preschool educational establishments and elementary schools is integrated into the curriculum as basic and/or additional classes, as well as for theme camps.

The revenue includes monthly subscription fees and camp fees:
The average price per month (Moscow) is $100 for 8 lessons.
The average number of students in a group is 10.
The average number of children in one establishment per month is 20-30 (depending on ongoing additional programs and camps).
Total – the average monthly turnover of $1,620.

Costs from $490:
Teacher’s salary

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