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$ 10,370

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$ 9,060

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$ 0

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$ 12 000*

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Foundatoin year: 2017

Year of franchising:

Company units: 3

Franchise units: 2

Total number of units:

Number of employees per unit:

Contract period: 60 month

The first Kids Star Studio club was opened in Sochi in October 2017. The project showed high results right away, and soon two more clubs started working and kindergarten in Sochi and Adler.

Kids Star Studio is a web of English bilingual clubs and kindergartens in the Krasnodar Territory, where children and adults study English according to the most modern techniques.


The accent is on spoken English and grammar. Classes for younger children are held in a playful way for better assimilation of the material. Programs are almost fully held in English, which allows the child to dive into the language and gives excellent results.

The major area of work of clubs and kindergartens is learning English in groups, individually, online, and also additional programs (football, vocals, educational games, fine arts, creative workshops), extended-day groups, summer and winter clubs. Format
Kids Star Studio Club

One cabinet area – 35 sqm.
Preferably to place the club in a densely populated area, away from industrial zones: in the territory of business centers, educational centers, private children’s schools, and kindergartens.
The club is decorated in a corporate style.
Seasonality is not obvious, because during the periods of winter and summer holidays and decline of activity the camps are organized.
Staff – 2 teachers and 1 coordinating administrator.
Launch term – 2 months.
Average monthly turnover – $9,220.
Kids Star Studio kindergarten

General space – 220 sqm.
Placing a kindergarten only in a densely populated area, far from industrial zones, the main condition – equipped and fenced walk area.
The kindergarten is decorated in a corporate style.
Seasonality is not obvious, because during the periods of winter and summer periods the camps are organized.
Staff – 4 educators, 2 additional education teachers, 4 nannies, 1 cleaning lady, 1 artistic director, and 1 coordinating administrator.
Launch term – 2 months.
Average monthly turnover – $19,960.

Unlike other business branches, the educational services sphere is a stable growing market, learning foreign languages – especially!

From 2022, the English language will become a compulsory subject of a unified state examination (USE), which schoolchildren must pass to obtain a certificate. And from 2020, test exams will be held in regional schools. At the moment, public schools cannot give the necessary training for passing the exam:

English lessons at school is a group study of the basics of the language superficially, children get a small set of recognizable words and elementary grammar rules.
There is a problem with motivation, especially in those classes, where there is no separation by the level of language proficiency. The teacher is in a situation where there is no time for each student.
More than 35% of children in Russia are in need of places in kindergartens, modern parents are ready to give their children into private institutions for getting quality education and useful leisure.

All this promotes the development of private educational business, private English club or kindergarten is the investment in your successful future!

This franchise offer is not a standard business model of courses or a school for learning foreign languages, but a successful and demanded format of a small kindergarten. It’s a business of a quick payback, which creates ideal conditions to maximize the potential of each child.


Accessible and clear format of business with minimal investments

Quick business start.
Quick payback of investments.
A promising market for teaching foreign languages.
Low threshold of investments.
Exclusive for the city.
Absence of hidden payments.

The main advantages of Kids Star Studio Franchise are a format and a product!

Kids Star Studio Clubs is:

Quality assurance, fecundity, diving in English with native speakers.
Saving time for parents – clubs are always situated in the best locations, next to the school and kindergarten.
All classes, even additional programs, kindergarten, extended-day, and camps are diving into English with native speakers.
Result assurance: after a year of educating – B2 level, 3 months in a camp – a kid understands spoken language.
Speaking English club for moms.
The best methodologies and techniques: the programs are developed on a base of the methodology of working with long-term memory and the “Polyglot” technique.
Format – a small club for 1-2 cabinets, which provides fast loading, payback period and convenience in management.
Partnership program for obtaining a certificate and passing the English exam TOEFL and IELTS.
English kindergarten Kids Star Studio is:

Individual approach to every child.
A big choice of additional education without leaving kindergarten.
Fresh and thoughtful menu, daily walks in the fresh air, not a minute of an empty staying.
Various outdoor activities outside of the usual time for children.
Diving the children into English with native speakers from a very young age.
Format – a small kindergarten for 4 groups, which is easy to workload and quickly bring to payback, it is easy to manage.

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