Total investment:

$ 150,000

Franchise fee:

$ 20,000

Royality fee:


Monthly marketing payment :

$ 2%

Number of franchises


Time period


$ 12 000*

* Calculator calculations are provisional, not guaranteed


Foundatoin year: 2012

Year of franchising: 2013

Company units:

Franchise units:

Total number of units:

Number of employees per unit:

Contract period: 60 month



ICONS Coffee Couture is not just another coffee brand. ICONS is a fashion and lifestyle coffee concept which was created by a team of fashion lovers and inspired by heath trends, art, flashlights and the fashion Icons of our world.
The brands vision is to spread kindness and be leading in creating healthier communities through nutritious and balanced food offerings, education and promotion of an active lifestyle to empower the individual to make life remarkable.
The concept borrows heavily from the latest trends in the fashion industry and surprises with a stylish, vibrant, yet welcoming atmosphere and its changing specialty blends of world’s most exclusive coffee’s and therefore true Coffee Couture!

Who is the perfect Icons Coffee Couture Owner?
We as a company are, what our franchisees personally are – your talents, your passion, your actions and your success. Because we, as company, are the result of all parts together. Thats why it´s so important to us to select qualified owners, who share our vision, have the motivation, skills and aptitude required to be successful.
(1)+(2) Single Unite Franchise Partner
Business Experience and Strong skills
Your previous business experience will be a primary factor in your selection. This experience does not necessarily have to be in the coffee & food industry. More than we need people with strong business background with special emphasis on people handling skills and management.
Financial Qualifications, depending on the franchise model
Franchising requires a substantial investment from franchisees, so your financial qualifications must be carefully assessed. You must be financially able to provide the initial cash investment as well as working capital
Share our Vision, Lifestyle and Values
We at Icons believe that if you do something you love you never have to work a day in your life again. If you share our Vision, Lifestyle, Values and Passion, Icons Coffee Couture is the perfect way to enjoy what you do while building wealth
(3) Country & Area Development Partner
For our international development we are looking to award Country and Area Development rights to established businesses who have preferable already experience in franchising other brands within their market. Our international franchise partners will have therefore on top the following further evaluation criteria:
Local industry knowledge
Understand the dynamics of operating a successful foodservice business.
Knowledge of the local market, including relationships with suppliers.
Ability to grow the concept into a nationally/provincially recognized brand.
Clear strategic plan.
Experience in winning customer loyalty.

Access to property
Knowledge of local property markets to advice on locations.
Access to prime locations in top tier cities.
Leverage consumer interest through multi-distribution channels.

Access to capital
Experience in phased capital programmes.
Ability to fund further expansion in order to roll-out on a national/provincial level.

1. Initial Franchise Support:
Trade Name and Marks: The right to use ICONS Coffee Couture brand name and trademark in the Market Area for the duration of the Franchise Agreement and its renewal terms.
Transfer of know-how: Transfer of business concept know-how through initial training and provision of operating manual, business documentation and literature and point of sale software.
Pre-entry financial study: Customization of a 3-year financial study according to local variables in the Market Area including investment plan and profit & loss statements.
Initial Training: Two-week initial training at the Franchisor’s Headquarters and company-owned stores for up to 3 Individuals of the Prospective Franchisee staff.
Pre-entry market support: Including evaluation of the selected location(s) and identification of local service providers.
Site evaluation: Identification of the most suitable site/sites for the establishment of the business, evaluation of site plans and advice on construction and refurbishment of the premises and provision of site development plans and algorithm.
Customization of menu items: Provision of menu customization according to variables in the Market Area and productions of standard recipes, presentations and imaging of food items and the entire menu offering and development of supply chain systems with third party suppliers.
Launch training: One-week pre-launch training in the Prospective Franchisee Market Area shall be provided by ICONS Coffee Couture operations personnel.
Launch support: One-week post-launch support including soft opening and inauguration event, on the job training and store monitoring. ICONS Coffee Couture support team may extend on site assistance longer if deemed necessary.
Store designs:
Technical support in relation to customized store designs and layouts and provision of samples of store designs and layouts, building material, sample charts and site development plans.
Assistance in the production of architectonic images and interior and exterior look and feel of each store and to work with the local/regional architect appointed by the Prospective Franchisee to develop customized store designs and layouts according to local requirement.
The Franchisee shall cause to develop drawings that comply with the design specifications and all applicable ordinances, building code, permit requirements, and lease requirements and restrictions in the Market Area.
The Franchisee shall cover the costs of all appointed and/or nominated third party service providers including full store design and store construction supervision fees.

Furniture, fixtures and equipment: Supply of lists and specifications of furniture, fixtures, equipment and fittings.
Nominated suppliers: Provision of a list of nominated suppliers shall be provided to secure standard quality and food safety standards.
Inventory of proprietary products: Provision of the Franchisor’s proprietary and branded products including a list of mandatory purchases, nominated suppliers and related costs.
Software: Access to and customization of the POS software program through nominated service provider.
Marketing plans: Provision and customization of launch marketing program and design and artwork.
Marketing material: Assistance in design of initial marketing material, packaging material, product catalogues, brochures and other literature.
Web portal support: Uploading of the Prospective Franchisee dedicated web page and/or information on the Franchisor’s website.

2. On-Going Support:
Advice and guidance: On-going provision of management, operational, technical advice and guidance through telephone or electronic communication and video conferencing.
On-going training: Provision of on-going refreshment managerial and operational training.
Marketing: Provision and customization of annual marketing programs and local store marketing and support in the execution marketing and advertising plans in addition to design of social media campaigns adapted to the Market Area.
Periodical visits: Two visits per annum to the Market Area conducted by Franchisor support staff.
Business auditing: Periodical management and financial auditing of the business and production of updated business plans.
Franchisees’ meetings: Organization of and invitation to periodical franchisees meetings.
Operating manual updates: Periodic updates of Operations Manual as and when deemed necessary by Franchisor.
Market research: Conduct customer surveys and market research, develop and introduce new menu items, products, promotions and marketing ideas to address changing trends.
Sales updates: Sales evaluation and inventory selection based on historical sales and demands in the Market Area.
Identity: On-going development of corporate image and identity.
Empowerment of a franchise family spirit: Prospective Franchisee interaction with other franchisees through contribution to newsletters, meetings, seminars, training, and franchisee of the year award programs.

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